Whitening gel with invisalign

Contact our office for more information at 201-525-0202. Enlighten’s sensitivity and high gloss repair paste evolved as a direct result of the need to manage transient tooth sensitivity in teeth whitening. Foods and drinks, like coffee and other beverages, can stain and cause discoloration of your teeth. The Zoom! light-activated whitening gel’s active ingredient is Hydrogen Peroxide. The gel and the light work together to gently penetrate the top surface layers of your teeth to remove stains and discoloration. It is recommended to leave whitening gel on your teeth for 30 minutes to 1 hour for first time users, if there is little or no tooth sensitivity. Petry Family Dentistry provides a range of cosmetic dentistry services including teeth whitening, Invisalign & more. Tooth Serum. Call our office in Lafayette, LA today! Cosmetic Dentistry at Petry Family Dentistry. We’ll brighten your life. The bright on teeth whitening system with our unique Bright Boost™ formula has the same enamel-safe whitening …9/6/2017 · Teeth whitening is a low-risk procedure, and therefore it is suitable for a wide range of patients. 6/15/2008 · I've got invisalign braces and would like to use bleaching gel to whiten my teeth. It will save me a bunch of money to just buy the whitening gel. 10/15/2018 · And dental-office whitening requires several appointments and can be expensive. About 45 minutes later, you’re done with the treatment! Included in the Philips Zoom Whitening Treatment are trays that can be used from home to maintain your new bright smile. As . Hackensack, NJ Dentist offers cosmetic procedures including veneers, whitening, and invisalign. However, there are certain factors that may preclude patients from being good candidates for treatment. The duration of time you should leave whitening gel on your teeth will depend on the concentration percentage of whitening gel (bleach) and your original shade of your teeth. Your SmileLife Orthodontics team then uses a special light on the gel that quickly erases stains. Enlighten is the only whitening brand to give you guaranteed long-lasting whitening results and low sensitivity. Hackensack, NJ Dentist offers cosmetic procedures including veneers, whitening, and invisalign. Can I?The specially trained dentist will apply the Zoom whitening gel which is specifically formulated to work with the Zoom WhiteSpeed laser light. A carbamide peroxide gel is placed in these trays and the trays with gel are worn for about 3 hours, or overnight. You don’t have to pay premium prices for premium teeth whitening. Candidates for teeth whitening typically have mild to moderate discoloration, and they want to achieve a sparkling smile. Teeth whitening gives you the bright smile you’ve always dreamed of. Our “teeth whitening” treatments include custom-fabricated trays with whitening gel you can bring at home, or try our one-hour in-office whitening. These include:Next, a special Philips Zoom whitening gel is applied to your teeth. Normally it comes with custom fit trays, but I figure invisaligns would work just as well

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